About Us

Dennis M. Maloney, Ph.D., is the Editor and Publisher of the Human Dennis M. Maloney, Ph.D.Research Report. He is the author and editor of over 200 works (scientific journal articles, textbook chapters, conference papers, a newspaper column, etc.), including the reference book “Protection of Human Research Subjects: A Practical Guide to Federal Laws and Regulations,” Plenum Press, New York.

He has served as chairman of an Institutional Review Board (IRB), researcher, staff trainer, staff member at two universities, grants developer (over $20 million in awards), and consultant since earning his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology (with Honors). He is a Lifetime Member of the American Psychological Association.

Kathleen J. Maloney, M.Ed.Kathleen J. Maloney, M.Ed., is Associate Editor of the Human Research Report. She is an award-winning Honors English teacher and author of professional education articles in national journals. She is the winner of an Outstanding Teacher of the Year award from a Warren Buffet foundation and a successful grants developer.

Also an accomplished artist, her landscape and nature works are available in art galleries and specialty bookstores, and her unique graphite one-of-a-kind portraits of children and young people are available by commission only. See KathleenMaloney.net.

The Human Research Report is published by The Deem Corporation. Dr. Maloney founded The Deem Corporation in 1984 in Omaha, Nebraska. The Deem Corporation is a registered member of the Better Business Bureau. The Deem Corporation has a BBB Rating of A+ (“Excellent”).