What You Get in the Digital Newsletter

Each month’s 12-page digital newsletter provides you with tips and details on:

  • Advance notice of upcoming government regulations
  • Practical explanations of how rules and regulations will affect you and your research projects
  • Case Studies from actual investigations of IRBs by federal agencies, to help you avoid making the same mistakes!
  • Details of lawsuits against researchers and research organizations (including those that are unpublished)
  • Explanations of proposed laws and how they would affect you and your research projects
  • Advance notices of upcoming research compliance conferences
  • And much more!

Every month, since January of 1986, the Human Research Report has been keeping Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), researchers, administrators, and others in the U.S. and other countries up-to-date on protecting human subjects.

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Vol. 39, No. 6, June 2024